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Curly Hair Bath


Oway Curly Hair Bath delicately cleanses and de-frizzes naturally curly and permed hair with Biodynamic Licorice and Organic Hypericum Extract. The hair’s texture is left soft, bouncy and revitalized.

Signature Scent: Herbal, alluring aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.

Size: 240ml

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Smooth +

Create sleek, straight hair styles with Biodynamic Caraway Extract, Organic Rose and Fair Trade Buriti Oil.

❁ For Frizzy, Unruly Hair

❁ Tame Frizz + Increase Shine

❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Cream | Serum

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Purifying Hair Bath – Dry Scalps

Soothing and purifying bath for scalp and hair with dry dandruff.

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Organic Shampoo Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath 240 mililiters

Rebuilding Hair Bath


Oway Rebuilding Hair Bath gently cleanses and regenerates very damaged hair with a restorative blend of Organic Basil, Biodynamic Iris Flower and an innovative ProDew500® amino acid blend.

Not your average protein shampoo, this innovative formula revives the hair with the perfect balance of essential phytokeratin and hydrolipidic ingredients. Hair is never left starchy or dry.

Signature Scent: Revitalizing, delicate aroma made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils.

Size: 240ml

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doTERRA Trio Package

doTERRA trio package comes with Lavender 5m, Lemon 5m, Peppermint 5m, a Bella Diffuser for home use and 2 car diffusers.

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Color Up

Preserve and protect colored hair with antioxidant rich Biodynamic Red Grape Vine, Organic Goji Berry and Fire Tulip Tree

❁ For Colored Hair

❁ Contains exclusive Amino Acid Complex

❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Color Protection Spray

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Vivifying Remedy – Sensitive Scalp

Revitalizing treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. Alcohol free. Vivifying remedy – sensitive scalp

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Silk’n Glow


Repair and restore damaged, over processed hair with Biodynamic Oats, Organic Cupuacu butter and Fair Trade Brazil Nut.

❁ For Very Damaged Hair

❁ Repair + Strengthen Strands

❁ Shampoo | Conditioner | Restorative Serum

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OWAY Curly Hair Bath Travel Size

Micro-stimulating and Hair Growth Coadjuvant

Hair loss is often the outcome of a great number of factors. To efficiently act against this delicate problem a thorough diagnosis is fundamental (with the help of the trichoanalyzer and application chart) which will focalize the unique hair-loss treatment or a methodical integrated synergy will be decided with specific anti-sebum, lipid restoration and anti-dandruff normalizing phases

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Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath

Normalizing bath for greasy and heavy hair, and for scalp with excessive sebaceous secretion.

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Sun Protective Elixir

Nourishing sun oil with protection from UV rays.
Nickel Tested.

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Plant and Mineral Refresh – Dry Shampoo

Plant & Mineral Refresh is the botanical-mineral dry shampoo perfect for in-between washes or add extra healthy volume to your scalp and hair!

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Shabby Mud


Oway Shabby Mud is a soft-hold matte wax made with kaolin clay sustainably harvested from the Amazonian Rainforest. Ideal for creating flexible texture for unstructured “lived in” looks.

HOLD: 2/6 | SHINE: 0/6

Size: 50ml

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Purifying Hair Bath – Oily Scalps

Purifying bath for scalp and hair with oily dandruff

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